Ryan House Museum

The area surrounding our motel in Puyallup has a rich pioneer history to it. If you would like to delve into this history, take a short trip over to the city of Sumner. It is here that you can see the historical Ryan House Museum.

The Ryan House started life back in the 1800’s as a three room cabin. A delightful example of 19th century architecture, it is crafted from local cedar and serves as a vision of the classical revival style of the time. A second story was added in 1872, and a new wing was created in 1885. The house served as a city library after it was donated to Sumner in 1926 and, after a new library was constructed in 1979, it became the home of the Sumner Historical Society. Here you can see the restored 1890’s aesthetic of the parlor, the dining room, and the kitchen, along with other museum exhibits offered by the society. Visit the historical society’s website for more information.