Skookum Archers Range

Puyallup’s own Skookum Archers range is one of the very oldest and largest surviving archery clubs in all of Washington State. This range can be found across thirty-nine acres of scenic forested land up on South Hill. Test your archery skills on the fifty-six targets while you take in the sights of Washington’s beautiful wilderness, or try the flat range with targets at distances from twenty to 101 yards. Facilities also include targets for FITA shooting, with distances between eighteen and ninety meters.

The archery range is open to the public from dawn until dusk. Fees amount to $5.00 per person for the flat range and walk-through courses, while children under the age of twelve are allowed to shoot for free when they are accompanied by an adult. A pro shop is available to take care of all of your equipment needs, or provide you with private archery lessons. Visit the official Skookum Archery website to learn more about the facilities or to check the club’s calendar for upcoming events.