Washington State History Museum

Maintained by the Washington State Historical Society, the Washington State History Museum is a fun and engaging place to learn more about the fascinating people and events that shaped our state. Take a walk through the past with the help of the walk-through dioramas that depict the life of the region’s early inhabitants. Visit the museum’s 1,800 square foot model railroad to learn more about the railroads that helped the state flourish. Take in an assortment of interactive exhibits, historical artefacts, and theatrical storytelling by a collection of famous figures from the past. From the rich cultures of the area’s indigenous peoples, to the women’s suffrage movement, to the mystery of DB Cooper, it’s all waiting for you at the Washington State History Museum.

The Washington State History Museum is located up in Tacoma, a short drive to the northwest of our motel in Puyallup. Visit the official Washington State Historical Society website to learn more about the museum, its permanent exhibits, current and upcoming exhibits, and upcoming events.