A Family 4th of July near Motel in Puyallup

Remembering Freedom Day in a Historical Mansion

The Meeker Mansion was the home of Ezra Meeker, built and completed around 1890. Meeker was known as the ‘Hop King of the World’, becoming wealthy through the production of hops, ingredients in beer for flavoring and stability.

He dedicated himself to tracing and marking the Oregon Trail, the famous wagon route and emigrant trail, worked many hours writing about it and the history of the Puget Sound, producing twelve books on the topics. The Meeker Mansion was the social and political center of the valley, during Ezra Meeker’s life.

The Meeker Mansion attracts many visitors not only for historical significance but because the structure itself is The 15-rooms and 12-feet high ceilings of the mansion are impressive, decorated with frescoes and plaster sculptures.

Gold-leaf molding, fancy metal doorknobs and hinges, built-in bolt locks on the doors, and inside blinds were part of every room. Speaking tubes are used for communication throughout the mansion, and gas lights for lighting. The exterior of the house is truly representative of the period’s architecture.

The Puyallup Historical Society at Meeker Mansion is now responsible for the restoration and preservation of Meeker Mansion, to preserve and promote the historical aspects of the Puyallup Valley and its links to the Oregon Trail.

There are self-guided tours conducted for visitors, school tours, community events like psychic fairs, art fests, tea parties, antique sale, and special events like weddings and parties are accepted. For the 4th of July, there’s the free Meeker Mansion 4th of July Family Games & Concert.

Family games will be held on the lawn at 2pm. Strawberry treats are available for purchase. The concert called Puyallup Community Band Concert will start at 3pm. People are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets. Snacks are available as well.

A History-Rich Celebration with Family

Are you used to a noisy 4th of July celebration since you can remember? Sans the fireworks, staying with us at our hotel in Puyallup will afford you a quieter 4th of July but one not lacking in family fun activities and historical significance. We invite you to come to a more relaxed celebration.