Gardens and Gardeners Near Motel In Puyallup

Discovering Gardens

If you visit the Puyallup Demonstration Garden, that one located directly across Pioneer from the Washington State University (WSU) Puyallup Research and Extension Center, you’ll realize just how gardens and gardening are important in community life. The demo garden is open to the public on Tuesdays from March to October, and on Saturdays from May to August.

You will find several zones of interest at the garden. There’s the Jack and the Beanstalk Garden, Raised Bed Vegetable Garden, Grass and Bamboo Garden, the Rose Garden and the Shade Garden. Each provides its own specific magic and purpose. Talk to a Master Gardener, who knows everything about gardens.

Apart from this showcase, there’s also the Summer Garden Talks, conducted free on Saturdays from March through August. Topics are varied and interesting, like, how to grow vegetables and house plants, pruning basics, basic composting, landscaping, tips for caring for Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Hydrangeas, including Fuschias, among others.

There are also fun activities for children at the Puyallup Demonstration Garden. Kids 3 to 11 years old, accompanied by adults, have the Summer Garden Programs, from May through August. Families are also encouraged to attend to know more about the wonderful world of gardening. The Saturday, 1.5hour sessions are going to excite kids.

They will learn about the soil, how plants make more plants, the role of the sun, what pollinators are, what herbs are, and what wildlife exists too in gardens. There’s a session on Fairies & Gnomes, which is making a fanciful dish garden to take home. Then, the grand finale of the summer garden program – Dr Seuss’s Garden Costume Party – on the 19th August.

See how much fun it is to know gardens and gardening? Kids and entire families will enjoy at the Puyallup Demonstration Garden.

Gardening Experience To Take Home

When you’re in Puyallup this time of year, bring along the kids to learn about gardens. It’s an experience they’ll not likely forget and they will surely grow up loving gardens and gardening. Learn from Master Gardeners yourself and, who knows, you might just start your own back home.