Motel in Puyallup Says: Know Your Horses

Discover Horse Breeds From Around The World

At the Washington State Fair, from September 1st to the 13th, enjoy two weeks of appreciation for the different breeds of horse. From different parts of the world see these beautiful, graceful four-hooved animals up close in a Horse Breeds Showcase. Visit Barn M and know a few interesting details.

Icelandic Horses. This rare breed was said to have sailed into Puyallup on board a dragonship from Iceland.
However, it was said that the breed were brought to Iceland by the Vikings. The smallish, pony-sized horses were bred in isolation in the last 1000 years and have mannerisms and gait unique to them. While other horses have the walk, trot, canter and gallop, the Icelandic horse can tölt; an ambling gait known as the 5th gear. They are hardy animals, accustomed to harsh terrain and cold climates.

Appaloosa Horses. This is an American horse breed known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. There is a wide range of body types within the breed from the influence of multiple breeds of horses throughout its history. The horses were developed with the stamina, agility and heart to carry warriors into battle, yet remain gentle and trustworthy with the tribe children.

Arabian Horses. Bred by Bedouins, living among the desert tribes of the Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years, Arabian horses are warrior horses. The harsh desert conditions developed their lung capacities and long endurances. Their ancient association with humans, sharing their food, drink and tents bred their high intelligence and loyalty. The purebred Arabian today is almost the same as the ancient Arabian horse.

American Paint Horses. A breed of horse that combines the conformational characteristics of a western stock horse with a pinto spotting pattern of white and dark color coats. The horse shares a common ancestry with the American Quarter Horse and the Thoroughbred. Known for their versatility, level-headed temperament, and beautiful unique markings, they compete at the Quarter track, rodeos, jumping, dressage, Western and English events. They make steady mounts for parades, recreational riding on mountain and urban trails, and ranch work.

Friesian Horses. Known for its flashy movement, beautiful black coat, and thick mane and tail, the Friesian is a popular carriage and dressage horse. The breed was developed in Friesland, an island off the coast of the Netherlands. Large in stature, high stepping, versatile and willing to train, they are great all-around horses with a gentle disposition. They are commonly seen in entertainment shows like circus acts and exhibitions, as well as traditionally being used for horse drawn hearses in England.

The next time you come upon an uncommonly seen but beautiful horses, you might just know all about them. That’s because a visit to the Washington State Fair’s Horse Breeds Showcase told you a thing or two.