Living with Art near Motel in Puyallup

Exploring Puyallup’s Art in the Open

There are more than 50 artworks on public display at Puyallup’s Outdoor Art Gallery. It was a dream that hatched in 1995 to bring art of quality to the town. It’s the businesses and private citizens of Puyallup that provide this free year-round art exhibit to cultivate the public’s interest in art and appreciate art nuances. The City of Puyallup supports this endeavor to increase visual art literacy and improve the citizens’ quality of life, providing educational tours and public tours.

The outdoor gallery features works by different artists – students, professionals, and even emerging artists. Participating artists get the chance to showcase their works, be advertised, recognised and get paid for their art. Some art works are permanent fixtures in the gallery, like “BEAUTIFUL NIGHT” by Sabah Al-Dhaher, “LOTUS SEEKER” by Leo Osborn, “ALWAYS GROWING” by Austin Byers, and “SPRING DANCES” by Grace Nirschl. They also feature rotating art by some artists, like Lance Carleton, Jim Johnson, and Olinka Broadfoot. Every year, the city picks their ‘People’s Choice’ from among the art works shown that year.

The whole showcase is often called ADT or Arts Downtown and people come to look and appreciate while others come for the education program and lecture series. ADT depends a lot on people’s donations, organization grants, and other forms of financial assistance. They encourage membership and membership fees as they work in a totally all-volunteer and non-profit organization.

Feeling the People’s Pulse in Art in Puyallup

If you’re in Puyallup and staying at our Motel in Puyallup, come and experience the town’s Open Art Gallery in Pioneer Park. Through art appreciation, feel the people’s pulse and know why folks here are warm and welcoming.