Cougar Mountain

The region known as Cougar Mountain has a long and fascinating history, having served as the home for native hunters, miners, loggers, farmers, and even a missile site for the US Army. In the 1960’s, after these missile sites were decommissioned, King County assumed ownership of the land, electing to preserve this site of great natural beauty and historical significance for future generations.

Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is 3,100 acres of protected Washington wildland, serving as a stunning representation of the area’s rich natural world. Here you can see mature second growth forests, streams, wetlands, cliffs, caves, and views of Lake Sammamish, the Cascade Mountains, and the nearby metropolitan areas. Visitors to the park enjoy spotting a variety of different bird populations, as well as bobcats, black bears, and a host of other fascinating creatures.

You can find Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park east of Seattle and Bellevue, a short trip north from our motel in Puyallup. Visit the park’s page on the King County website for more information.